Commercial Concrete Services

When it comes to commercial projects, concrete flooring is everywhere.

Concrete’s cost-effectiveness, build quality, and durability make it one of the most popular choices for developers and construction companies alike.

On the surface concrete flooring for commercial projects is simple to get right: you just need the right techniques executed to a high professional standard.

The tricky part is finding someone who can deliver that. Someone with the right experience, knowledge, and skills, to give you a professional grade concrete finish that you can depend on.

That’s what we deliver for our clients time after time.

We offer a wide range of concrete finishing services for commercial projects, including:

Slab On Grade

Otherwise known as a floating slab foundation, a slab on grade foundation is a commonly used structural engineering technique for commercial and industrial buildings.

Because the mold for the concrete is set in the ground and poured directly, there is no space between the ground and the structure, making for a sturdy and inexpensive foundation.

Concrete Cutting

Depending on the nature of the task there are a variety of different concrete techniques and equipment that should be used, making it vitally important that you bring in a specialized professional to ensure the work is done properly and effectively.

Broom Finishing

Broom finished concrete may sound simple, but in reality, it’s a delicate art that can take years to master. Once the concrete has been poured and leveled, a stiff broom is used to create a rough surface, and the quality and look of which depends entirely on the way these brushstrokes are made.

Exposed Concrete

Exposed concrete floors are an increasingly popular choice for developers and project managers, especially for areas with high foot traffic or heavy loads, such as art galleries and warehouses. Depending on the choice of finish, their aesthetic can range from the more bare and utilitarian to something more striking and elegant.


Q-DECKVancity Concrete is experienced with the installation and pouring of concrete for “Q-Deck” stay-in-place form systems for elevated concrete floors.